Functional additive in various industrial applications.

Product properties:

  • Very pure natural Zeolite, with a high content of Clinoptilolite
  • Extremely high porosity
  • High cationic exchange capacity
  • Very fine particle sizes starting at 10μm (topcut)

Application Examples:

  • Paints and coatings
    Anti-settling agent
    Smell binder
  • Plastics industry
    Odor binding agent
    Carrier material for flavours
    Reduction of volatile organic compounds
    Increased breath ability
  • Filler material in rubber
    Improvement of hardness
    Increase of tensile strength and elongation at break
    Increase of the ignition temperature
    Reduction of the density
  • Additive in adhesives
    Faster drying
    Odor reduction
  • Construction chemicals
    Prevention of segregation
    Prevention of cracking
    Increase of material strength


  • LithoFill range:
  • LithoFill MM: 0 – 10 µm grain size 
  • LithoFill BM: 0 – 25 µm grain size 
  • LithoFill: 0 – 180 µm grain size 
  • LithoFill special: 20 - 400 µm grain size

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