Talc LPP

The LPP-series of LITHOS solely includes talc products based on high quality resources. To offer applications in numerous areas, LITHOS manufactures a variety of different products.

Talc LPP-Series:

  • Talc LPP90 
  • Talc LPP60 
  • Talc LPP30
  • Talc LPP25
  • Talc LPP20
  • Talc LPP15

Safety Data Sheet Talc

Product Info Talc


Is highly lamellar, very soft talc with good aspect ratio. This is realized by a specific delaminating process, which creates best lamellar structure instead of breaking the plates in smaller parts.

Products with a top cut to 10 microns and respectively median particle sizes of 2 microns are realised.